Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ella Font interviews "Shadow" of "The Posse"!

Ella Font: Hello! My name is Ella Font, and I’m sitting here with a mysterious man, The Shadow.
Shadow: [Shakes his head] Begging your pardon, ma’am, but that’s just “Shadow.”

EF: ‘Shadow,’ Is that your last name?
Shadow: When I’m on missions, it’s my only name.

EF: Missions? Well, that does sound exciting. What exactly do you do?
Shadow: The Posse and I dispense justice throughout The South. Now that the War Between the States has ended, there’s corruption in the court systems all over down there.

EF: Sort of like a police force?
Shadow: As well as the judge and, when necessary, the executioner.

EF: [Leans back] You’re not a vigilante, are you?
Shadow: [Shakes his head] Certainly not. We are acting under the authority of the US government, and we take our orders from our general. Our decisions are carefully weighed based on evidence. We’re no lynch mob.

EF: I see. Well, that’s good, I suppose. What is your job in The Posse?
Shadow: I can’t rightly say, ma’am. Our motto is Stealth, Swift, and Sure. Publicizing our specific talents would not be prudent.

EF: [Frowns] I suppose I can understand that. What can you tell us about the sorts of injustices your group takes care of?
Shadow: There isn’t just one kind of mission, but I suppose that’s harmless enough. A freedman was falsely accused and imprisoned for allegedly raping a white girl. Our research shows that was a lie. We’re there to clear his name and right the injustices.

EF: How’s that going?
Shadow: We’re making progress. That’s really all I can say about it.

EF: Is it true that The Posse has access to some amazing new technology?
Shadow: I’m afraid I can’t answer that, ma’am. Secrecy is the way we survive out there.
EF: [Sets aside all her notes and mumbles] Well, then I guess that’s all we have time for this evening. Thank you for stopping by.
Shadow: [Tips his hat] My pleasure. Thank you for having me over.

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