Friday, June 14, 2013

Do You Love Historical Fiction? Do you enjoy a great Southern Romance?...

…then Murray Pura has just the right Best- Selling series for you! “Seven Oaks” What is this series all about? Sarah Nunley is her Uncle Thomas’ favorite niece. Uncle Thomas is a godly man, telling her stories about Jesus and the Bible and taking her for walks in the Virginia woods to point out the marvels of Creation when she is a child. But war comes to Virginia when Sarah is a young woman and soon Uncle Thomas is famous and known by everyone, friend and foe alike, as Stonewall Jackson. But to Sarah Nunley he remains her beloved Uncle Thomas and Seven Oaks remains a plantation of peace in a time of war. To date Murray Pura has released 4 stories in the series with the fifth one –“A Wedding in Virginia” set to come out June 21st. Here is what some have said about “Seven Oaks” so far: “I have always thought a lot of Thomas Jackson when I would read history books. This story was one that helped bring out how all people should be treated with dignity and have the right to an education and not be left as slaves!!” “Murray Pura brings these characters to life with his wonderful writing style. I could envision all the characters and the great plantation on which they lived.” “I'm enjoying the historical description, the Christian conversations (rather or not I agree) and the expected high quality writing that Murray Pura puts into all of his work.” The “Seven Oaks “ series is available on Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle. Here is the Amazon Kindle link:

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