Thursday, August 11, 2016

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A Thursday afternoon in March, Sweetland, Arkansas

She was late. And every parking space around the Rosebriar County Courthouse was occupied.
“Of course they’re filled,” Rozene Carson muttered, frustrated. “It’s visitor’s day at the county jail. Why didn’t I leave earlier, like I’d planned?”
Upset with both herself and the situation, she drove to the end of the parking lot, exited onto 5th Street, and made a left. She waited at the stop sign at Main for traffic to clear, made another left, and pulled into a vacant slot at the Rosebriar Department of Social Services building.
Making sure her cellphone was set to vibrate only, Rozene dropped it into her purse, grabbed her oversized tote, and dashed back across the street to the courthouse. She stepped off the elevator at the fourth floor and scurried down the hall to Meeting Room 7.
She paused before pushing through the double doors, hearing the murmur of voices on the other side. So much depended on the outcome of this meeting, and she had to show up late. Not a good beginning.
As she reached for the highly polished brass handles, Rozene sucked in a deep gulp of air and breathed a silent prayer. Okay, Lord, I think I’m going to need Your help in here.
Inside, a number of people were milling around a side table bearing several air pumps of coffee and hot water, assorted tea bags, all the trimmings, and a huge box of Krispy Kreme donuts. Claire Chase, the only other woman in the group, greeted Rozene with a warm smile.
“Hi, Rozie. Welcome.”
“I’m sorry to be late,” Rozene said. “The parking lot was full, so I had to leave my car across the street.”
Keith Bradford, the Sweetland Planning Commission’s City Council Liaison, reached out to shake her hand. “Don’t worry about it, Rozene. We’re still waiting for Clinton Jeffers and David Hamilton, your architect. They’re probably having the same parking problem.” He chuckled. “We may need to think about holding our meetings on a non-visitor day. Help yourself to some refreshments, and we’ll get started as soon as they show up.”
Why was she so nervous about this meeting? Yes, there was a lot at stake, but she’d known the members of the Planning Commission her whole life, all native Sweetlanders like herself.
Unable to resist the siren call of Krispy Kreme, she poured herself a cup of black coffee and placed a delectable, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate-glazed donut on a small paper plate.
Cory Morris, the youngest member of the commission, and a brand new father, stepped up beside her.
“Hello, Mrs. Carson. How are you doing today?”
“It’s Rozene, Cory, or Rozie, if you like. Everyone else here calls me one or the other.”
“Thank you, M—I mean, Rozene. I’d like that.”
“Good. Now, tell me about that bouncing baby boy of yours. What did you name him?”
“Levi James,” Cory answered. “He’s a wonder, Rozene. I can’t stop looking at him. He’s going to be a redhead like Shelley.”
She smiled. “Let’s see, he’s about two weeks old now, right? Is Shelly holding up okay?”
“She’s feeling the night-time interruptions. So am I. But Shelley’s learned to take short naps while the baby’s sleeping, so she’s coping.”
Before she could respond, Keith interrupted with an announcement. “Okay, everyone, our late-comers have arrived, so let’s get started.”

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