Thursday, April 7, 2016

Peggy Blann Phifer wants to know - Where? Who? Why?

When I interview guest authors for my blog, one of my favorite, fun questions goes something like this:

Suppose you were given a gift of a writing retreat anywhere in the world, absolutely free for five days, and were allowed to bring five other LIVING writers with you [NOT family] . . . where would you go, who would you take, and why?

The answers are varied, interesting and sometimes amusing. Some said Hawaii, the shore, the mountains, Ireland or Scotland . . . one that answered with Hawaii said she wouldn’t take anyone! Others ignored the ‘living’ part and came back with C.S. Lewis, Hemmingway, Dickens . . .

But I’ve never had a chance to answer that question myself. So I thought I’d take this opportunity here to do so.

Where? Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Why? Because I love castles, though I’ve never seen a real one, let alone been inside one.

Who? Sue Badeau, Kathi Macias, Rachel Hauk, Richard Mabry MD, and James Scott Bell.

• Sue, because I love her great, big, caring heart. Besides, Sue is my go-to person when it comes to my writing about adoption, and foster care.
• Kathi, because she’s been one of those long, long-time friends I’ve never met. Besides, she’s a great editor . . . who else better to have along on this retreat for editing our work?
• Rachel, because she is fun, loves to laugh, and is a great mentor and brain-stormer for her fellow authors. She’d be a great asset when we get stuck somewhere in our work. Plus, I’ve actually met her, even worked with her when I was on the old Operating Board of ACFW.
• Richard, well, he’s a doctor! Besides, he’s an author of great medical thrillers. What if we are writing about a broken leg? See what I mean?
• James, the only other person on my guest list I’ve actually met. Jim writes exciting legal thrillers and has taught writing classes and been keynote speaker at many conferences. I’m sure he’d let us pick his brain for plot and scene structure.
So there you have it. Take another look at that castle. Wouldn’t you like to join me? I just wish this wasn’t a fantastic, fanciful dream

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