Thursday, March 3, 2016

What do you think of the cover for Linda Massucci's "Mama's Bookends"?

What do you think of the full jacket cover for Linda Massucci's paperback of "Mama's Bookends"?

Linda's story is available in ebook right now on Amazon:

The bond between two sisters is unbreakable. A woman’s life may be filled with boyfriends, a husband or two, and children- but the relationship between sisters will withstand all of life’s good and bad times. That’s what Elizabeth keeps reminding her self, as she traveled to Durango, Colorado to confront her sister, Rose. The stories of unhappiness and fears of abuse that may be happening between Rose and her husband, Robert, were just too much for Elizabeth to not seek answers. When her sister told her not to visit, she decided to go anyway; with her Grandma Marie’s blessing. After all, Grandpa Frank would have told her to do the same thing. When it’s family, you just do it.


  1. It's very pleasing to the eye, but the placement of the filled glasses makes me immediately wonder if Mama's "bookends" refers to the alcohol. Regardless, soothing picture with pretty colors.

  2. I like this cover-it is very intriguing. Makes me curious about what is going on inside