Thursday, March 3, 2016

Read the beginning of Peggy Blann Phifer's "Shallows" RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Sweetland, Arkansas: August
Monday’s rested at the bottom of Rozene Carson’s favorite-day-of-the-week list. and getting up at the uncivilized hour of four o’clock this morning did nothing to move it any higher.
Careful not to wake Mike, who snored quietly beside her, Rozene slipped out of bed and headed for the shower. Twenty minutes later she was crossing the seventy-five-foot distance from the house to the restaurant.
It promised to be another hot, muggy day, one of those that caused the Sweetlanders to dub their town Sweatland–a term Rozene intensely disliked and refused to use–but today would certainly live up to it.
Inserting her key into the lock of the private entrance of Gentry’s Family Restaurant, she cast a hopeful gaze skyward, looking for any sign that would indicate a break in the weather…to no avail.
Her senses were assailed by mouth-watering aromas as Miguel, already busy in the kitchen, prepared his specials for the day. Sniffing appreciatively, Rozene made her way down the hall to her office, knowing Miguel did not like to be disturbed while he was cooking.
She dropped her tote and purse on the desk and sank into her chair, grateful for the air-conditioned room. She had one hour before the restaurant opened for breakfast, and she had a to-do list demanding immediate attention.
“Better get busy, Rozene,” she admonished herself, and withdrew a thick folder from her tote, set it aside, pulled out another, and opened it. Spread before her was the final checklist for the fundraiser for the expansion of Mike’s church, kicking off tomorrow morning with a flea-market-type Bazaar in the church parking lot, with fifty percent of all proceeds going into the fund.
The following day would be an old-fashioned box-lunch social and auction at City Park, which would include several of Ruth Peterson’s specialty cakes.
Square-dancing in the church parking lot on Thursday, along with a raffle, at ten-dollars a ticket, for a hand-made quilt donated by Maudie Ashe.
Finally, on Friday, a community pot-luck dinner with a six-dollar admission fee, also to be held at City Park.
All-in-all, things were coming together nicely. A few more phone calls and Rozene could check off the last two items on the list.

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