Thursday, March 3, 2016

Read the beginning of Linda Massucci's "Mama's Bookends" RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Here is the beginning of Linda Massuccci's "Mama's Bookends".

The story is available as an ebook right now and will soon be coming out as a paperback.

Linda would love to hear from you if you read the sample.Please tell her what you think by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post or use the "Contact Form" on the sidebar of the blog.

Here is the Amazon Kindle link for the ebook,it is a $2.99 download:

Living the Dream

“Yes, I understand. Please don’t worry Grandma,” I responded, as I spoke to her on the phone in my hotel room. “I promise I won’t lose my temper. I just have a few questions for this lady Katy mentioned I should speak to in person. I will be home the day after tomorrow. I love you.”
I hung up the phone and decided to take a shower and calm my nerves. As the water from the showerhead beat on my back, my mind began to wander to my conversation with Katy at the cemetery this morning. The words abused, fearful and lonely kept running through my head; words I would never associate with my sister, Rose. In my eyes, she was living the dream- great children, lovely house and a caring husband. I guess we can never tell what really goes on behind closed doors. I never thought my sister would be afraid to tell me anything or ask for help. We weren’t raised to keep secrets from family, so why didn’t she say something to me? She knew better. I guess it’s safe to say it wasn’t the clear blue skies of Colorado that had them moving so far from family.


“I can’t believe you are actually moving out west. You don’t even like country music,” I said with a grin. I helped load a box into the U-Haul truck.
“I’m sure they have a variety of radio stations,” my sister Rose answered. “Besides, sometimes a change of scenery is a blessing.”
“Not happy with the scenery in Southington? It was voted one of the best places to live.”
“Best place to live according to whom? I think each person has to decide what makes them happy, not a state survey,” my brother-in-law interrupted, as he passed by us with an armload of boxes.
“What’s bothering him?” I asked Rose.
“He just has a lot of things on his mind. You know, starting a new job, new place and doing it all with a wife and four kids.”
“I’m sure everything will be fine,” I quickly answered, trying to calm her nerves.
“The kids are definitely excited; at least the older ones, Olivia and Ethan. All Ethan talks about is living on a ranch in Durango. Did I show you the pictures of the place? It’s amazing how much cheaper things are out west, compared to New England.”
“Don’t remind me. I just got a letter that my property taxes are going up.”
“Well, maybe you’ll visit us and decide to stay.”
“Oh, I don’t know. I love my farmhouse. I have everything just they way I want it.”
“Living the dream life?”
“I thought you were?” I gave my sister a pat on the back.
“Aunt Elizabeth, are you going to come visit us soon?” asked my six-year-old niece, Olivia.
“Why, you haven’t even moved in yet and you already want company?”
“Come next summer,” Ethan, my four-year-old adventurous nephew, interrupted.
“All right- next summer it is!”

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