Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Gift of Imagination By Linda Massucci

The year of 2015 found me attending book signings and interviews to discuss the characters in my book, ‘Legacy of Grandpa’s Grapevine’. The most frequent question, ‘Is this story a memoir or from your imagination?’ After I answered with ‘a little of both’, I always added, ‘and thank goodness I was given the time as a child to just imagine’.

Today’s world finds many children given the best toys, carpooled to lessons for sports, dance or musical instruments, and always kept to a schedule from sunrise to sunset- all with the purpose of given them the best childhood with no regrets. What decides the best childhood? What do our children really need to become adults who are socially and emotionally ready for the world they will inherit? I believe the gift of imagination instills the ability to be optimistic, sympathetic, and altruistic.

When we allow children to use their imagination, they can become someone other than themselves- the first stage of losing their egocentricity. A child develops the confidence to create without fear of any rules, or being critiqued- the experience of optimism. A blank piece of paper becomes a colorful drawing with rainbows and flowers to make a mother happy- a lesson in sympathy & altruism. The gift of allowing time for children to explore their imagination is a gift we must not replace with organized activities, longer school days, or the number one toy on the market.

One of my favorite childhood memories is playing in a television box. If you can recall the days when televisions were considered a piece of furniture, no further explanation is needed. The television boxes were huge, and my sister and I received one or two boxes a week- which made us the popular kids in the neighborhood. Those boxes would become time machines, forts in the Old West, or a secret club for all the Nancy Drew’s & Hardy Boy’s in the neighborhood solving important crimes. Where did all those boxes come from? My father worked for Zenith- a company that sold and repaired televisions. So, I guess I have my father to thank for instilling the gift of imagination in me. And, it was free!

Linda Massucci is the author of the Manciano Family Saga. The first story in the trilogy, ‘Legacy of Grandpa’s Grapevine’ is available for purchase and has been entered in the Mark Twain Award for First Novel published by an author. The second story in the trilogy, ‘Mama’s Bookends’, will be released in 2016.
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  1. My grandparents Victorian home with its three floors,landings and fireplaces, helped my childhood imagination run wild. Flora

    1. Thanks for sharing Flora :-) I can only imagine the beauty of your grandparent's home. I've always loved the Victorian style.