Friday, January 29, 2016

NEW RELEASE! Peggy Blann Phifer "Sweetwater River-V3-Moorings"!

Peggy Blann Phifer has just released "Moorings",Volume 3 in her "Sweetwater River" series.

On the sidebar of the HHP blog you can click and read some of it,browse the HHP blog and read the first chapter of all three stories in the series, and find the buy links for Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble Nook below the synopsis! We hope that you enjoy Peg's series!

Just three weeks after a near-fatal car accident, Misty Carson, youngest adopted daughter of Mike and Rozene Carson, is about to graduate from Sweetland High. But that accident left Misty with a severely broken ankle. Now she is in a non-weight-bearing cast from knee to toe–and on crutches–but is determined to get up on that stage by herself, and receive her diploma. How on earth will she manage that, Rozene wonders…and worries.
But another worry interrupts their plans when Gayla Abbott, a classmate of Misty’s, appears on the Carson’s doorstep in tears. Her parents have kicked her out, on graduation day, and she has nowhere else to turn. Rozene’s compassion is put to the test as she works through Gayla’s problems, Misty’s stubbornness, and the death of the girl who caused the accident resulting in Misty’s injury.


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