Thursday, November 12, 2015

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“Jake Silverhorn’s Revenge”

Volume 9

“A Deadly Fire”

By Big Jim Williams

Jake Silverhorn reached Canaan by nightfall, his exhausted horse barely able to walk. He left the animal at the livery for feeding and care, told the stableman about the stagecoach holdup and explosion and to hold the horse for the stagecoach company.
“You back in town for long?” asked the stableman.
Jake nodded, too tired to say much more.
“Saw that Leviticus bank robber feller sneaking around, riding outside of town a few hours ago,” said the stableman. “Skedaddled like a scalded dog on hot coals.”
“You or Leviticus?” asked Jake.
“Both. I ain’t friendly to men who kill people and rob banks, especially when I got some money in there. Told one of the Sheriff’s deputies. They’re out lookin’ for him right now. You still chasin’ that no-account?”
“Till there are no tomorrows.” Jake draped his rolled blanket over his shoulder. “Hold my saddle, saddle blanket and bridle,” he said, “till I find another horse.” Although his cash was getting low he handed the man some money.
Jake would love to be back riding Concho, if he’s healed by now, or even straddling Ranger or Mae’s favorite horse, Belle, all stabled in Tumbleweed, but that was miles away and he had a killer to catch. When all of this was over he’d pick up his horses and take them back to his ranch in Mesquite.
He buttoned his sheepskin coat. The nights were getting cold. The blanket might come in handy. He carried his repeating rifle up the street toward The Rose Café where a pale light seeped through its fogged window. His rumbling stomach needed food.
The former painted lady greeted Jake with a tired but friendly smile. “Figured you’d be back,” she said, clearing a table in a corner. “Hear that damned killer, Leviticus, you been chasing, has been seen skulking around Canaan again.”
“Got time to fix a starving man a thick steak?”
“We’re about to close, but we got time to fix eats for any man tracking that son of a bitch.”
The tired cook sighed in the kitchen, hoping the newcomer’s meal wouldn’t dirty the stove he’d just cleaned. He’d planned to go home early and soak his aching feet.
“Ain’t surprised you’re back,” continued Rose. “How do you want your steak?”
“Thick and well done, fried under a foot of onions. Take your time. Gonna down a couple of your beers first.”
Jake settled in a dark corner back from the front window. He needed a sympathetic ear but didn’t want lots of questions. He lifted a stiff leg and pushed out a second chair when Rose returned with his suds and filled the seat with her fleshy body.
“Wanted posters up all over town,” she said.

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  1. Good writing, Big Jim. You bring the Old West alive.