Thursday, November 19, 2015

God Bless the Family! Linda Massucci

I am often asked why I choose to write family sagas. My response is simple- I think a family is the most valuable possession one can have in their life.

I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of houses and other children to play with after school & during the summer. Between five o'clock and six o'clock, the neighborhood became quiet. There wasn't a disaster occurring. Everyone was inside having dinner with their family.

When I was in elementary school, I was a walker. That meant my sister and I walked to and from school. Our father often walked with us to school. He took the time to ask about our teachers, friends we had in school, and the importance of getting good grades so we could be anything we wanted to be when we grew up. Our mother was waiting at home for us every day at 3:15. We knew my mother would ask about our day, what homework we had to do, and refuse our whines when we begged to play outside- instead of doing our homework first.

The weekends involved visiting relatives, going to Grandma and Grandpa's house, and playing with my cousins. Imagine, children playing together without any structured activity, athletic uniforms, or driving to an amusement park for entertainment. We had one ball and everyone had to decide on the game we were going to play. If your game didn't get chosen, you told yourself to get over it...or your cousins would call you a whiny baby.

Families come in many shapes and forms. We can be raised by one parent, live in a home with cousins & aunts, or regard close friends as siblings. A family is a circle of people that care for each other, no matter the distance or misunderstandings that happen along the journey of life.

In a world where we pay people to listen to our problems, expect schools to raise our children, or blame society for life struggles- why don't we start preserving the family unit. It's family that teaches the important things in life- without many of us even realizing it. Those family dinners taught me the art of conversation & story-telling. Whenever my idea for a game with my cousins wasn't chosen, I learned acceptance & patience. The summer vacations spent at home, taught me the importance of creativity & imagination. The morning walks to school with my father provided me with the self-esteem to dare to take risks in life, and that I was important enough to be listened to and respected by any man. My mother's rule of doing homework before play taught me the importance of perseverance, and sometimes you have to do things you don't like- but you will live, so stop whining.
God Bless the Family.

Linda Massucci writes family sagas with a constant theme of the importance of family, faith and values. She also dabbles in short stories, educational literature, travel journalism and photography. Linda is presently working on the sequel to her 2015 novel, ‘Legacy of Grandpa’s Grapevine’. The sequel will be called ‘Mama’s Bookends’ and continues the story of Elizabeth Manciano, a young lady who realizes that family & faith are the most important things in life from her wise & charismatic Grandpa Frank.

Linda Massucci writes a monthly blog about her dog, Maggie- the smartest dog in the world. She also blogs about her travels across America and the importance of family. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Please visit her website at to find her social media links or purchase her writings.


  1. So true about learning to accept disappointment and even defeat as children. Now, win or lose, everyone gets a trophy.

  2. God bless the family. Nicely done Linda--Thank you