Wednesday, October 21, 2015

FIVE Questions with Peggy Blann Phifer!

What are your musical tastes? Do you write to music?
My taste in music is eclectic. I love the old Big Band sound: Glenn Miller, Jackie Gleason, Les Brown, Ray Anthony, to name a few. And the music of the 50’s (my teen years). But Classical music has always been a part of my life since as long as I can remember.
When it comes to writing to/with music, I must have instrumentals only. No vocals, period. It’s enough I keep time to the livelier tunes, I don’t need to be tempted to sing along! (Although I do admit to humming a lot.)
I have the desktop version of Pandora which is almost always on, tuned to “Mantovani Radio,” 90% all instrumental. But, once in a while, if I’m struggling with a scene, the noise irritates me, and off it goes.

My Top 5 Favorite Movies?
This is going to give my age away
1. Exodus, (Otto Preminger) with Eva Marie Saint and Paul Newman.
2. Dr. Zhivago, with Omar Sharif and Julie Christy.
3. Ben Hur, w/Charlton Heston.
4. The Ten Commandments, also Charlton Heston
5. The Sword in the Stone, Disney. When my (ex) husband and I were dating, we went to see this delightful movie and I totally cracked up when Merlin appeared zooming in on a surfboard wearing a tropical shirt and Bermuda shorts!
Note: the first 3 movies haunted me and continue to do so even now. Matter of fact, I’ve read each of those books at least three times.

I’ve had pets of one form or another since I was eighteen months old. My parents bought a black Labrador puppy for me. I instantly named her Susie, because that was the name of my favorite sock doll my grandmother made for me.
However, within just a few days, it was discovered that I was allergic to her. I’m told I really threw a dramatic fit when they tried to take her away. So she stayed, I suffered severe asthma attacks, but I didn’t care. Growing up we had a number of Susie’s–yes, the same name each time–some traditions are hard to let go of.
As an adult, I learned to stay away of dogs and turned my devotion to cats. No allergies there, thank goodness. But, apparently, I’ve grown out of my allergies and I now have an adorable Border Collie mix called Rocky, and a Lhasa Apso-Shi Tzu-Poodle grand-dog named Athena. And I’m doing great.

Favorite Season
Spring! Though here in northern Wisconsin it seems to take forever to get here, I love the promise of everything new. I love the rich, loamy scent of the awakening soil; watching eagerly for the first shoots of the peonies and daffodils . . .

Does my Faith influence my writing?
My Faith plays a part in everything I am and everything I do. In my writing, I let my words reflect my faith. My Christian message is covert, never in-you-face, or preachy. No dramatic big Salvation scene. That’s just not my style. I’m 88% Introvert. Does that tell you anything? I’ve never been one to broadcast my Christianity. I trusted the way I lived my life would reflect that. And it did in the workplace. My coworkers seemed to instinctively know I was ‘different’–NOT a prude, far from it–and tried to refrain from using foul language in my hearing.
But the industry I worked in was rife with construction workers and those offending words usually slipped through. What proved this to me was when they instantly apologized to me.

So, that’s the way I choose to write.

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