Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dog Mountain: A Place to Remember Our Loyal Companions - Linda Massucci

Stephen Huneck was a writer, artist and self-taught sculpture. He and his wife, Gwendolyn, purchased 150 acres in St. Johnsbury, Vermont in 1995. Five years later, after surviving a near-death experience, Stephen had a vision to build a dog chapel. 'A place where people can go and celebrate the spiritual bond they have with their dogs.' Dog Mountain- which included a chapel, hiking trails, ponds for swimming, and the Stephen Huneck Gallery, officially opened on Memorial Day weekend in 2000.

Stephen Huneck believed in the healing powers of dogs, nature, art and love. He wrote ten books inspired by his black lab, Sally. Upon opening the dog chapel, he asked people to write special notes and share photos of their beloved dogs. The walls are covered with these notes and photos; and new ones are added daily. Unfortunately, Stephen's battle with depression took his life on January 7, 2010. His wife, Gwendolyn, passed away in June 2013. The dedication of volunteers and donations helps continue Stephen's vision of a place where dogs roam free and people share the special bond between humans and their forever loyal companions.

My dog, Maggie, passed away on June 24, 2014 at the young age of five years old. I visited Dog Mountain a few weeks after she passed, and placed her photo on the wall in the chapel. The thousands of cards and photos expressing the grief and unconditional love people have for their pets was overwhelming. Watching unleashed dogs roam the trails and jump in the ponds filled my heart with joy. Dog Mountain is a glimpse of what all our pets must see as they cross the Rainbow Bridge. How fortunate we are to Stephen Huneck for given us the opportunity to experience it on earth.

Linda enjoys writing about her travels across America, blogging about her beloved dog Maggie who passed away to young, dabbles in landscape photography, cherishes every opportunity to walk on the beach at sunrise & sunset, and values spending time with family & friends. She enjoys a non-competitive game of golf & hopes to play at Pebble Beach someday.
You can follow her blog at, or her other social media sites: twitter handle: @LindaMassucci or at

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