Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's next for Big Jim Williams? The release of "Jake Silverhorn's Revenge - Volume 4 - Leviticus' Target" 1/29!

Equipment with a powerful Sharps rifle taken from a murdered traveler and dynamite stolen from a remote ranch, Leviticus turns the tables and pursues Jake Silverhorn, while surviving outlaw Jethro Stubbs stands trial for Leviticus’ botched bank robbery.

Big Jim Williams, a co-author of High Noon Press’ “Outlaw Unchained” series, and author of the “Jake Silverhorn’s Revenge” series, wrote the audio books, “The Old West” and “Tall Tales of The Old West.” Credits are also included in “Broken Promises” and “Dead or Alive” (La Frontera Press) anthologies, and, Wolf Creek Book 10, “O Deadly Night” (Western Fictioneers), and Westerns for RopeAndWire, Frontier Tales, Western Horseman, Cardroom Poker News, Livestock (Texas) Weekly, American West, Sniplits, & Shoot! magazines. Big Jim, a Western Fictioneers’ (WF) member, and his wife, Joan, also a writer, are California residents. His blog is westernauthorbigjimwilliams.

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