Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Peggy Blann Phifer "'Tis The Season In Sweetland - Volume 4 - Silver Bells And Candlelight"

Rozene and Pastor Mike Carson have been seeing each other since May, their relationship deepening with each passing day. When Mike finally proposes, their lives enter a new stage of exciting preparations. When and where would the wedding take place? Where would they live? Who would be the Maid of Honor? The Best Man?
Rozene had already started the process to adopt all four girls from the Youth Acres Group Home—Veronica, Shira, Melanie, and Misty, three in college and one in high school—and the preadoption trial period would be up in early December. But now that Rozene and Mike are engaged, Mike also wants to adopt them all right after they’re married, to make them a forever family. Would they agree to that? Would the girls consent to taking on the Carson surname as their own? The excitement builds as December 27, the wedding date, draws near. But Rozene, even while going through the wedding plans, is terrified at the prospect of becoming a pastor’s wife. What does she know about that? What, exactly, does a pastor’s wife do? Fear and trepidation plague her. She wants to marry Mike, loves him with all her heart. But a pastor’s wife?

The Amazon Kindle link for the story is:http://www.amazon.com/Tis-Season-Sweetland-Silver-Candlelight-ebook/dp/B00OV8QBZ0/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1414504403&sr=1-1&keywords=peggy+blann+phifer

"Do you enjoy romance? Do you enjoy stories that show how love can make a difference in the lives of others? Then Silver Bells and Candlelight is the tale for you. Rozene is a widow who opens her home to four orphaned teens. Misty, Shira, Veronica, and Melanie learn for the first time the meaning of belonging to a family. It gets better when Pastor Mike and Rozene become friends. Will they become more than friends? And if that happens, what happens to Rozene's foster teens?"

"Peggy Blann Phifer continues the Sweetland stories in Volume Four of Tis the Season in Sweetland. Rozene has overcome grief and opened her heart to four girls who need a home. Pastor Mike has grief of his own to bear, but he, too, embraces others in "Silver Bells and Candlelight."
Expectations real and imagined can muddy the season's delights.
Can four girls trust again? Will Rozene move forward or allow fears to trap her forever?
Light the candles and ring the bells!"

Peggy Blann Phifer retired from an executive assistant position after twenty-one years in the Electrical Wholesale industry. She came to writing later in life when a prayer she wrote appeared in a two-volume Guideposts Book compilation, 'Prayers for Every Need,' in 2000. She self-published her debut novel, 'To See the Sun,' which released in January 2012. Her writing has appeared in three anthologies in 2014 with Helping Hands Press, with a fourth coming up. A novel she just completed, 'Somehow, Christmas Will Come,' will release sometime in November 2014, from Elk Lake Publishing.

Widowed in October 2012, Peg now makes her home in northern Wisconsin in a home she bought together with her daughter and son-in-law. The three of them share the house with three cats, one dog, and one granddog. She converted a third of the house into a cozy 'apartment' where she spends most of her time writing.

Peg has three children, six grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren, and numerous other granddogs and great-granddogs.
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