Monday, October 28, 2013

Melanie M. Jeschke -"Inklings"

It’s 1964 and the young American Katie Hughes anticipates finding knowledge - and perhaps love - at Oxford University. She discovers possibilities in David MacKenzie, a young lecturer who carries on the legacy of his friend and mentor C.S. Lewis.But conflict also arises when she catches the eye of the dashing Lord Stuart Deverux. Kate’s heart is torn between the two men, and her convictions are challenged as her vulnerability draws her to a rendezvous she may regret. The novel is available on Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Barnes and Noble Nook.Here is the Amazon Kindle link: Melanie Morey Jeschke (pronounced “Jĕsʹ-key”) is the author of The Oxford Chronicles series, including Inklings, Intentions, Expectations, and Evasions, as well as Jillian Dare, the Oxford chapter of Rick Steves’ England guidebook, and numerous travel articles. An honors graduate of the University of Virginia with a MA in English Literature from George Mason University, she is currently an adjunct professor of English and lectures in a variety of educational, professional, and community settings. Melanie Jeschke has studied at Oxford University and has traveled extensively in the UK where she sets her stories. A mother of nine and former home-educator, she resides in Northern Virginia with her family and husband Bill Jeschke, senior pastor of The King’s Chapel in Clifton, VA.

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